Eyes of Fashion NFT + Digital Earrings BUNDLE

Eyes of Fashion NFT + Digital Earrings BUNDLE

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Eyes of Fashion is a collection of 8,888 fine art NFTs with 250+ hand-drawn vibrant traits created by Talia Zoref, who was inspired by the contrast between the colorful and fun fashion world and the judging eye that belittles the industry. Our community centers around art, fashion, and women's empowerment through education.

Use your Eyes to showcase your style!


Join our community of Fashionistas!

-weekly raffles & giveaways

-allowlist into other projects

-access to special events like Balmain Show Paris Fashion Week

-Many more!

-Digital Wearables - see below!

United by the love of art, fashion and technology Eyes of Fashion collaborated with award winning brand Edalou Paris to create a digital fashion earring. The design merges their two icons, the judging eye of the fashion industry and the heart of gold that provides the courage to sustain it.

Digital Earrings for your video calls! (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams etc.)They believe the new technology can be used in our present metaverses of social media & video calls to enhance the On Real Life (ORL) of each user.

The filter can also be used on snapchat to create videos & photos and it includes a subtle face natural look!

After purchase instructions can be downloaded and you will receive a link via email to get your earrings!